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Hot Finished Seamless Hollow Bars

Solsteel Pty Ltd represent world leading producer Vallourec, supplying hollow bar from mill stock and mill production with a large dimensional size range available.

Vallourec is a fully integrated mill consisting of 5 steel works and 11 tube mills throughout the world. The mechanical Hollow Bar which Solsteel Pty Ltd import to Australia and New Zealand is produced at Vallourec steel works and tube mills located in France and Germany and has reputation as being one of the world’s finest quality mechanical tubes with a very large dimensional range available.

Spirafort ® - Excellent machinability and high strength

Spirafort® is a high-strength carbon mechanical tube which, in addition to high yield strength, allows for high machining speeds coupled with low tool wear. This makes Spirafort® 470 ideal feedstock for all kinds of turned parts in mechanical engineering.

Spirafort® is available for short delivery from mill stock which are held at the European shipping port of Antwerp. A comprehensive size range is available from mill stock from OD 30mm to OD 250mm and are according to European standard EN 10294-1.

Yield Strength: 470 Mpa

Avadur® – 4140 Alloy Hollow Bar - When special hardness and hardenability are called for

Avadur® grades meet high standards of hardness and yield strength while maintaining good machinability. Building on the chrome-molybdenum grade 4140, these products can be heat treated to attain a broad range of special hardness, yield strength and tensile strength levels which can even be varied further by subsequent tempering.

There are three variants in Avadur® series that feature additionally impact toughness.

Most popular within Australia is the Avadur® 758(110) HardFIT which has hardness levels HRC 28-36.

Avadur® is available from mill production and can be ordered according to both the European Norm EN 10294-1 and the old Norm which we refer to as VM312.

hot finished seamless hollow bars
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