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Alta Spa

A.L.T.A. Spa is an Italian company established in 1968 to service the needs of the hydraulic cylinder industry. They are one of the largest suppliers in Europe for Cold Drawn Seamless and Welded Cylinder Tubes, SSID Mirror Tubes and Hot Finished Honed and Skived Tubes.

Alta Spa is able to supply from both mill production and also their significant stock holding.

Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision – (SMP)

Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision GmbH is a leading European manufacturer of cold-drawn seamless and welded precision steel tubes such as Drill Rods for mining and exploration as well as tubes for other industries such as energy and engineering.

Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision GmbH offers you a wide range of products and services with great scope for intelligent tubing-related solutions.

Swebor Stål

Swebor Stål is a specialist steel company on the world market, their speciality is heat-treating thin boron steel. They provide heat-treated Sheet, Grouser Bars, Cutting Edges and boron steel Profiles to customers worldwide.

The heat-treated boron steel from Swebor is a carbon-manganese grade with chromium. The addition of boron gives the steel its unique combination of hardness, strength and weldability after heat treating. In the hot-rolled state, boron steel is softer and can be machined or formed without soft annealing.

Boron steel has several advantages compared to common tempering steels. Boron steel can be hardened and the carbon content balanced so that subsequent tempering is not necessary. The new boron steel also has special advantages over other heat treatment steels. Above all, better strength relative to hardness, but also better weldability, fatigue strength and wear resistance. They deliver heat-treated profiles and sheet in lengths up to 8 metres.

Uranie International

Founded in 1986 and situated one hours journey from Paris, Uranie International is a world leader in the market of Chrome Plated Bars and Skived and Roller-burnished tubes.

Renound as one of the world’s finest produces of quality chrome bar, available in various steel grades, Uranie International has a meticulous approach to their production process and their utilisation of cutting edge equipment ensures world’s best quality.


Vallourec is a world leader in premium tubular solutions producing Hot Finished Seamless steel tube and pipe for general mechanical engineering and steel construction. Available in a wide range of steel grades such as; 4140, 4145, 20MnV6, MW450, MW500, ST52 (E355) and world famous grade mecaplus as well as many others.

Products can be heat-treated to attain a broad range of special hardness, yield strength and tensile strength levels which can even be varied further by subsequent tempering.


The low-alloy steels used for the manufacture of mecaplus tubes are produced to the most exacting quality specifications and posses excellent mechanical properties, machinability and weldability.

Other typical applications include:

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Rollers
  • Axles
  • Cranes
  • Foundations
  • Oilfield accessories
  • Offshore structures

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